Month: February 2020

Bernie Sanders’s Biggest Test Yet With Latino Voters

Bernie Sanders wasn’t physically at a Las Vegas town hall on Thursday hosted by a Latino civil-rights group, but the enthusiasm for his campaign was still apparent. While three of his rivals—former South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg; Senator Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota; and the businessman Tom Steyer—were there in person and got warm receptions, the largely Latino crowd broke out in chants of “Bernie, Bernie” when the senator from Vermont appeared on a live-stream.

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Op-Ed: Xi Jinping rules China by intimidation and police coercion. Those don’t work on coronaviruses

If the public health consequences in China of the new coronavirus aren’t yet entirely clear, its ultimate political consequences are even murkier.

The reason is rooted in the so-called “mandate of heaven,” a concept dating back to the Zhou Dynasty 3,000 years ago. This ancient notion holds that mortal efforts of the Chinese people to rule themselves are cosmically linked to an impersonal heaven, which confers legitimacy on upright and able rulers, or “Sons of Heaven.

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Op-Ed: George Washington has a warning for Donald Trump — and all of us

Every year since 1896, on or near George Washington’s birthday, a member of the U.S. Senate has read aloud the first president’s farewell address on the Senate floor. The party of the reader alternates every year.

Let’s hope the assembled senators are particularly attentive this year.

We can’t know, of course, what George Washington would make of our current president or the state of partisan politics in America. But we can make a pretty good guess.

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Editorial: Remember, Roger Stone is only one of the bad apples in Trump’s basket

Fresh from his acquittal by the U.S. Senate, President Trump is on an I-am-exonerated victory tour, touting his integrity along with that of his cronies, advisors and appointees, and castigating the supposed witch-hunters of the Democratic Party.

But the sentencing later this month of Trump’s longtime friend and political advisor — the self-proclaimed Read original

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