Author: Gail Collins

Some Wins for the Women

We’ve spent a remarkable amount of time this week discussing whether there’s sexism in politics.


O.K., no need to be cynical. Let’s look on the positive side first. If you are around Elizabeth Warren’s age of 70, you’ve had the incredible luck to live through a period of history in which American women’s rights and opportunities have been transformed.

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President Mitch McConnell

I guess we can get back to impeachment.

Donald Trump announced the Iran crisis was over Wednesday, adding that Americans “should be extremely grateful and happy.”

It’s not entirely clear who he wants us to be grateful to. God? Fate? The ayatollah?

Let’s take a wild guess that the answer is living in the White House.

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Already Had Plenty of Trump 2020?

We’re now officially trudging through the new year. (And good luck on that healthier-living resolution.) This is when we adjust to the fact that nothing has changed. You weren’t allowed to toss Donald Trump out with the old. Although it would have been nice if he’d at least have stayed quiet until all of the Christmas trees were down.

Instead, he’s holding a big, presumably loud, rally Friday in Miami for evangelical supporters.

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