Author: Maureen Dowd

Kevin Talks Turkey

No matter how bad your Thanksgiving is, mine will be worse, and I’ll tell you why. My sister thinks Jim Jordan is hot. Well, she didn’t say “hot” exactly, but the words “admire,” “forceful” and “fighter” have been thrown around. And then there’s Kevin. It has been a crazy year, even by Trump standards. So I asked my brother to tell us, in his annual Thanksgiving column, if he has any regrets.

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Trump’s White Whale

WASHINGTON — Donald Trump is a rodomont. Not to mention a grobian. And, of course, a Sinon suffering from proditomania.

With Trump firmly lodged in our heads, it is understandable if we have all become a little conspiracy-minded.

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Republicans, the Real Chickens of Kiev

WASHINGTON — When he was running in 2016, Donald Trump told me that he reminded himself of another presidential candidate — someone, Trump said, who was also tremendously good-looking, a former entertainer and a Democrat-turned-Republican.

The vainglorious Trump felt he was the second coming of Ronald Reagan.

It is true that, like Reagan, Trump has reshaped his party in his own image, fully inhabiting it.

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