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Donald Trump Jr.’s ‘Triggered’ reads like a campaign book for 2024

“There’s been a fair amount of speculation as to where my own political career might take me,” Don Jr. notes with satisfaction. This book provides an answer, presenting its author as the natural heir to the MAGA movement: a troller of lefties, warrior of culture and self-described “s— -talker par excellence.” Just like Dad! Yet Don Jr. also attempts to establish some differences, even if stylistic.

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How to become an ex-black man

But now Williams has reflected, and he finds blackness lacking. Not just blackness but whiteness, too, and any divisions and hierarchies based on race or color, those resilient constructs to which Americans attach such weight. Williams, a contributing writer at the New York Times Magazine, has come to see himself as an “ex-black man,” a transformation he contemplates in a thoughtful yet frustrating memoir, Read original

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