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The Reenactment

What mattered in early wars
was the cavalry marching through
deep muck, the fife & drums,

stern ravens, words called out
across small, stagnant ponds.
They tell us every landscape longs

to be a battlefield. Someone
fires a cannon the size of a cave,
and we watch as shockwaves

italicize the trees. We, the living,
try channeling the original grief.
But this battle is nothing like

I thought it would be.

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Appalachia vs. the Carceral State

The group’s first meeting was in March 2016 at Tom Sexton’s house, a spacious three-bedroom apartment a few doors down from the Harry M. Caudill Memorial Library on Main Street in Whitesburg, Kentucky. Time was already running out. Sexton and eight of his friends, most of them, like Sexton, environmentalists or other activist-types who had surfed between nonprofit jobs, huddled in his living room and tallied their resources against those of their opponents. It was a grim accounting.

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High Crimes

Article I

In his conduct while President of the United States, Donald Trump, in violation of his constitutional oath to execute faithfully the Office of President of the United States, has abused the office of the presidency by employing the powers of the office to advance his own political interests, rather than the interests of the nation, in that:

L’Simcha: Tree of Life

Eleven elders were executed in a Pittsburgh synagogue

in the deadliest attack on jewish americans in history—

& there’s no way to make sense of this sentence in language.
to diagram or scan it. The more you look the more the words break down

like eggs in a coward’s stomach. The word Pittsburgh tears apart into dark birds.
The word synagogue unspools into a length of red thread. Elders

becomes a plum tree young & flowering again. No way to language
this. To use the sentence without breaking it.

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The Freshman Democrat Who’s Making Conservatives Squirm

Unlike some of her fellow freshmen, Representative Katie Porter of California has managed to escape the ire of the current occupant of the White House. While she isn’t exactly rushing to take part in the Squad’s frequent Twitter smackdowns with the president, she is on friendly terms with the four women who make up the most controversial clique in her class. She sits next to Rashida Tlaib in committee and recently wrote a Read original

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