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Moving Beyond Misogyny

Before the smoke had cleared after the terrorist attacks of September 11, Americans were already asking, “Why do they hate us?” The question felt useless, even whiny. It was also unanswerable, since “our” specific attackers were dead. Yet it persisted. It persisted because of a sense that even with those particular haters gone, the hate itself was lethal, and whoever “they” had been, there was plenty more in store for “us.

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L’Simcha: Tree of Life

Eleven elders were executed in a Pittsburgh synagogue

in the deadliest attack on jewish americans in history—

& there’s no way to make sense of this sentence in language.
to diagram or scan it. The more you look the more the words break down

like eggs in a coward’s stomach. The word Pittsburgh tears apart into dark birds.
The word synagogue unspools into a length of red thread. Elders

becomes a plum tree young & flowering again. No way to language
this. To use the sentence without breaking it.

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Could Betsy DeVos Cost Trump the Election?

In 2016, Darrin Camilleri was 24 and teaching at a Detroit charter school 20 miles from where he grew up, when Michigan lawmakers took up a measure to implement more rigorous oversight of the city’s charter schools. Seemingly anyone could open a charter in Detroit, and the schools closed just as suddenly as they opened. From his classroom on the city’s southwest side, Camilleri watched the reform effort fail.

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