Month: March 2021

Granderson: What the Derek Chauvin trial says about America

OK America, despite us playing by different sets of rules, I’ll play along.

I’ll watch the Derek Chauvin trial. I’ll consider the evidence presented by prosecutor Jerry Blackwell, understanding it is his team’s job to prove Chauvin’s guilt and not the former Minneapolis police officer’s job to prove his innocence. I’ll play along despite the whispers of history telling me to prepare for the worst because my spirit needs hope to keep believing in the best.

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Op-Ed: Does ‘Nomadland’ reveal the reality of working for Amazon?

Here are some of the memorable moments from “Nomadland”:

Chuck Stout, working at an Amazon fulfillment center as part of CamperForce — temp workers, mostly on the older side, who show up in vans and RVs to help with the holiday rush — is stationed near a conveyor belt when a box flies off, knocking him down and causing his head to hit the concrete floor.

Laura Graham is struggling to keep up with the countdown that begins on her handheld scanner every time she scans one product and is expected to pick another one.

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Op-Ed: Why we are more cautious when there’s light at the end of the tunnel

After a year in which good news has been hard to come by, recent developments on the pandemic front are bound to elicit more joy than the coming arrival of spring. The availability of effective vaccines tops the list of good news.

Another dose of good news is that, along with continuing mask use, there has been an uptick in the number of people staying home and avoiding restaurants, and a reduction in gatherings of 10 or more people in much of the United States that began in mid-November, Read original

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Column: Why bipartisanship is a weapon to use against your political foes

American politics is caught in a perverse paradox. The bases of both parties would like nothing more than to destroy the other party. But it is precisely this animus that prevents them from accomplishing their goal. That’s because the best strategy for partisans to wreak havoc in the other party is to pursue bipartisanship when they’re in power.

When Barack Obama came into office with majorities in Congress, he opted to push his agenda on a party-line basis, starting with the 2009 stimulus package that passed the Senate with Read original

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