Author: Jennifer Rubin

When do Hamas and Israel reach the beginning of the end?

Historically, when Hamas shelling begins, the United States has promptly recognized Israel’s right of self-defense. Then, within a week or two, with international bodies and regional partners, it increases pressure on Israel to de-escalate. (In particular, Hamas’s use of civilians and locations such as schools and hospitals to shield military assets raises the civilian casualty rate, ratcheting up the pressure on Israel.

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Who should anti-Trump Republicans be rooting for? Centrist Democrats.

However, she is running for reelection, and will seek to help like-minded Republicans win House seats, too. That’s not good, especially if it enables McCarthy or an equally craven MAGA Republican to regain control of the House. And let’s not kid ourselves: Even if Cheney doubled the number of anti-authoritarian, anti-lying Republicans of the sort who voted for impeachment (Read original

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